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Around half a million men in the United States have a vasectomy every year, choosing the most effective form of birth control after total abstinence. Experienced urologist Daniel J. Cosgrove, MD, FACS, offers vasectomies at Advantage Urology in Encino, California. If you are interested in learning more or you are ready to book a vasectomy procedure, call the practice today to schedule an appointment.

Vasectomy Q & A

What is a vasectomy?

Known as male sterilization, a vasectomy is a common, low-risk surgery and an effective birth control method. A vasectomy is permanent. You should be sure that you do not want children in the future. Although it is possible to reverse the procedure, it is extremely difficult to do so and is rarely successful.

Though you have no risk of getting your partner pregnant after a vasectomy, your testes still make sperm, which your body absorbs. 

How does a vasectomy work?

Usually, your sperm travels through the vas deferens into the testicles, where it combines with semen. A vasectomy blocks the vas deferens, preventing the sperm from reaching the semen. The body continues to produce semen after a vasectomy, and you can still ejaculate.

Incision method

The incision method involves making 1-2 small cuts in the scrotum to reach the vas deferens. Dr. Cosgrove then cuts and removes a small piece of the vas deferens, sealing each of the ends either by placing a piece of tissue between them or by tying the cut ends. He then stitches the scrotal cuts or, if small enough, allows them to heal on their own.

The vasectomy procedure takes 30 minutes or less. Dr. Cosgrove offers vasectomies as outpatient surgeries with a local anesthetic and helps you decide which method is right for you. You can return home on the day of your procedure.

What is the recovery process following a vasectomy?

It is normal to experience some pain, swelling, and bruising after a vasectomy. It usually lasts a few days. Apply ice packs for the first 48 hours and rest completely for the first 24 hours. 

Avoid sexual activity for at least a week. The time it takes for your ejaculate to be free from sperm can differ for each patient. You should continue to use some form of birth control until Dr. Cosgrove gives you the all-clear that sperm is no longer present in your semen.

Find out more about vasectomy surgery when you schedule a consultation with Dr. Cosgrove. Call Advantage Urology today or request an appointment online.